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This is the page where your character has to get approved by an admin.

To get approved, click in the box below. Then, type in your character's name. You will need an outline for your character. To get started, try filling out this outline:





If you can, fill that out completely on the forum page you just created, with at least a paragraph for a history (keep in mind, more is better).

Fleshing it out

You will be more likely to be approved if you can further expand upon your character and make him/her more detailed. You could talk about their personality, their parent (you can write one option for each gender parent, if necessary), how they fight, appearance, etc. For appearance, make sure to include things like height, hair and eye color, and age. If you want to do a more expanded character description, fill this outline rather than the first one:










If you can do that, you are ready to be approved. Make sure to follow the instructions, then copy over your above form, all filled out. Check back later to see if it has been approved. If it has, you are ready to move on! If not, fix the indicated things, and put something at the end of the page to the effect of "I fixed it", and put ~~~~ at the end, to sign it.

Now, your character can be good or bad, it doesn't matter.


  • Make sure you fill in everything on the forum.
  • Please, do not make your character page before you get approved!
  • Every user starts off as a 'Level One User', which entitles you to two characters! Your user can be upgraded to a 'Level Two User' which entitles you to four characters. The last level is a 'Level Three User', which entitles you to a total of six characters.
    • Please, please, please do not ask to be upgraded. Depending on how you've been on the wiki, it is strictly, the Admin's decision whether to upgrade you or not.
  • Please add your Roleplay Characters on a list in your User Page as you make them, so Administrators can keep track of your Characters.
  • Do not make your character too powerful, with all the strongest powers.

Just follow these rules and make your page correctly, then await to be approved and get ready to start Roleplaying!

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